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Saturday, October 6, 2018

How to Handle Wife

How to Handle Wife

how to handle a wife
how to handle a wife
If you are newly married, it is compulsory to learn the art of managing your wife for a simple married life as your husband in the form of a husband. Now this art is not taught at any university, but there is a guided self-learning process. And mastering the way of managing a wife will bring love, peace and prosperity in your life.
1. Be the Best Friend of Your Wife:

Speak as a close friend with your wife's desires, dreams, thoughts, childhood memories, imagination, family, life, likes and dislikes. See if she loves to share with you. Women usually try to be a little humorous for the love of ridiculous boys and try to smile at your joke. Try to put your wife's heart to heart and try to understand it. If your wife is opposed to any idea, explain it well, or you may get angry.
2. Praise all Her Efforts:
It is hungry to appreciate all the people of the world. We like to take bath on those who appreciate us. Appreciate the fact that he is managing his wife's home, appreciates the food cooked for you, thanks and thank you while taking care of you during your illness, admitting that she is in her profession. How is he growing, if he wins, celebrate her success, praise him for being a beautiful mother and when he is disappointed, please feel the top shelf of the world. You are encouraged to do good to praise.

3. Always Take Her Side:

A wife treats her husband as her team and if her husband does not support her then she will be seriously injured. If he is struggling with someone to manage your wife, take him on her side. If you think that it is wrong then talk about it privately but never in the public. If the other person with whom he is struggling with is also an important part of your life, then remain neutral but never on the other.

4. Never Argue with Her:

A woman can understand problems at the same time because she takes a collective perspective and sees elements in one task as elements connected to each other and mutually dependent. And it is difficult to separate her personal experiences from problems. This overall thinking about it will make it difficult to win the debate with you. And if you start arguing with him then he will store all your bad personal experiences in her memory. Silence is the best when it is verbally attacking. He gets tired when he is tired, but if you give logic, then your words will be registered in your mind for further arguments.
5. Compare to Despair:

If you do not want to easily manage your wife, never, never compare it to any other woman in your life. You will sow seeds of jealousy immediately. He will ensure that you stay away from the female with which you are comparing and appreciating it. Some women are unique and skilled in some or other work. And every woman is beautiful. Just because your expectations are on a front in front of him does not mean that you ignore her other skills and feel worthless.

6. Recognize Her Personality:

It is very important to understand your wife's personality in order to manage your wife with whom you are and will remain under a roof throughout your life. Once you understand its nature and character, you will deliberately guide yourself how to react and behave in everyday life. No two women are equal. Their reactions, likes, dislikes, nature, all are different. Anyone can like to enjoy only with you, others may like to hang out with friends. Another humble person can be independent. Once you understand your wife inside and outside, then you will not be difficult to manage it.
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7. Make Her Feel Beautiful:

Each woman is called beautiful and also strives for it. Whether a woman is dark or overweight, yet she has beauty. Find her beautiful spots and do not be sad to praise her Real sound while doing this. You always feel that she is the most beautiful woman in your eyes, you can tell her but not always. If you want something that looks or behaves in a way those changes, then it does not remain silent but wisely moves your thoughts forward.

8. Celebrate The Special Days With Her:

Being a newly married you throw lots of surprises and take a bath with your wife, but for years, it becomes an essential task for you. To manage your wife in a romantic way, try to plan surprises and make special ones for all your special days. Do everything with love and this feeling touches its heart. And if you wish him, then celebrate and celebrate the birthday and anniversary of her parents and siblings.

9. Cool The Conflict:

Fire cannot be extinguished by water only, not by fire. If you feel a certain subject or situation, the conflict between you and the two will be better for you to avoid this. There is nothing to draw in a subject in which both of you are different. Do not talk negative about it even in anger. Your struggle will be solved but your words will give emotional strain to her mind forever.
10. Find Common Interest:

This is fine if you prefer to watch your football match or drinking sessions with your friends. But take similar interest in your wife's choice and try to create a taste for it. All humans have different interests but some common thing is that both you and your wife can enjoy enjoying together. It can watch movies, singing, swimming or traveling. This will connect you together closely and increase cooperation.

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