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Monday, July 30, 2018

Black hole mystery

The Atmosphere Of A Black Hole

Black hole is the mystery of our universe which has no end to our interest and curiosity to know about. The black hole is usually created by the death-starving stars, and it is such an object or place in the universe where gravity is so strong that even the light cannot go out of the gigantic way. Many questions arise in our mind about the black hole; today we will know exactly what happens if a person enters a black hole. Astronomers speculate that there are about 100 million black holes in our galaxies. Now if you enter a black hole you will face the most terrible death and you will not have any physical evidence of whether you ever existed after your death. Although before you die you will encounter some weird events. Our universe has big and small black holes like stars and planets. Now, whatever type of black hole you enter, you are sure to die. 

However, depending on the type of black hole you can take, depending on your death and what you look or feel before you die. Let's think you started out of a black hole incident horizon. If you look at the event horizon then you will see a circle of perfect darkness. But that's not all; you'll see some strange things besides the dark circles. Since the black hole creates space time curvature due to its gravity ball, you will see curved curves in the light from the stars. The reason is that the light coming from the constellations followed by the black hole's gravitational force followed the phase of the curvature. Now when you begin to fall to the black hole, the velocity of your fall will increase gradually due to the gravity of the black hole. The closer you get to the black hole; the gravitational force power will gradually be felt. Suppose your feet are closer to the black hole than your head, the more attraction it will have on the more closely resembled an object from the black hole center. That means your legs will feel more than your head. The more you attract the black hole, the stronger the attraction force will be. Once again, the entire body of your feet will start stretching like noodles. When the stretch will eventually reach such a stage, your body will crumble into separate atoms. 

Let's come to understand that how this way death will be unpleasant in this way. In the case of small black holes, this expansion power is so high that before your event reaches the horizon, your body will crumble and become aerobic. Now if you want to enter a black hole while maintaining your physical integrity, then you have to go to a super-massage black hole. Such a super-massage black hole is in our Milky Way solar system. At the center of our galaxy, 25,000 light-years away from the Earth, there is a black hole larger than 43 lacks in comparison to the sun. Now if you are able to approach this black hole, you can go to this black hole incident horizon.
Now the question is why you are able to go to a big black hole but do not have a small black hole? This is because the events of the big black hole are located far away from their center. So the big black hole incident that has a tidal force in the horizon is very weak compared to the small black hole. If the moon was far away from the Earth, then due to this same, the tide of the earth would have been very weak. So do not die immediately after entering a large black hole. Now, the closer you get to the event horizon, the gravitational force around you will increase. And your visible light will be more distorted. The longer you enter the black hole, the longer the slower the time will be spent. Although you have time to pass naturally, but from a person's viewpoint outside the black hole, you will grow very slowly to any human in the world. This event is called Gravitational Time Dylan. That is why the name of the black hole is mentioned when the time travel is said. Now when you go closer to the event horizon, the dark areas around you will grow. 

Once upon a time this dark zone will cover your vision area completely. When this happens, then you will become completely dark around you, then you will realize that you have completely entered a black hole. The last chance to see the universe that will leave you forever will be directly behind you as a point of light. Then the gravitational force of the black hole will drag you towards the singularity at the speed of light and eventually make your body look like a noodles and break it into separate atoms. Now maybe in your mind the question can arise that how can we do the exact future of what happens when a person enters the Black Hole? The answer is Einstein's theory of relativity or relativity. Relativity helps to understand how our strong gravity takes place. Without this easy access to the Black hole, we can tell from right to the world that what exactly happens when a person enters a Black hole.

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