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The Lost Plane Found 37 Years Later The disappearance of aircraft in the present age is not unusual. We get news of the plan...

The Lost Plane Found 37 Years Later

The Lost Plane Found 37 Years Later

The disappearance of aircraft in the present age is not unusual. We get news of the plane crash every year. Some of them are found in the airplane, and some of the aircraft cannot be found. The mystery remains the mystery. Today I'm going to talk about an aircraft that landed after 37 years of disappearance. Maybe many people will not believe it. Because where one plane cannot fly for a single day, how can it be 37 years? Yes, the plane landed after 37 years. Charted DC aircraft disappeared on the way to Miami from New York in 1955, after 37 years, landed at the Caracas airport in Venezuela in 1992. 

The story is fictional to say, but the radio communication between the control tower and the pilot is a real evidence of this phenomenon. Besides, all the staff and passengers who were present there saw this incident in their eyes. Apart from this, this fact is proven true by seeing some video and film pictures. Again a few seconds before the plane was flying, a pilgrim after a pilot went away in 1955, and a calendar witness to this incident. A manager of the control tower told Juan Della Court that I saw the plane clearly and talked to the pilot with me, and then he said more and I still cannot believe the incident.
According to the Juan De la Corte and other managers, when the plane arrives near our airport in flight, we notice a strangle thing. We all saw the plane but we did not get any sign of the plane. To meet you, I tried to contact the pilot with the help of radio and was able to communicate. I asked the pilot his identity, but he asked me what this place is? Both of his fears and confusion were being understood. When I once asked for their identity, he said it was charted flight 914. We are going to Miami from New York with 4 crew members and 57 passengers. Everyone in the control tower is surprised and everyone is standing because the Miami Caracas Airport is located 1800 kilometers from here. Then I told the pilot it was Venezuela Caracas Airport. It is located in South America. Then one of our managers asked you what you lost? But I did not get any answers. Then we thought that they were in any danger. So we allowed them to landing. Everything was going well, before we were completely landing, we heard a pilot saying to another pilot, Have you seen it, they were looking at other airplanes again and behaving like they have never seen such a plane before. 
Then we heard a pilot saying there is something wrong here that we have moved to the wrong place. After a while, they told the pilot control room that they started their journey to Miami Airport on July 2, 1955, at 9:55 am. After the gold, all the control rooms were completely silent. One of our other managers then got up to tell the air force about this matter. After a while, I told the pilot through the radio that it was the international airport of Caracas. Today, on 21st May, 1992, the pilot said, "Oh My God." Then they began to fear tremendously, I told them you are calm. We are ready to assist you. But when the airport officials were going to the plane, we heard a pilot another pilot they had come to the planet, they would have to go back. 
One pilot screamed and said you will not come near the plane. We are moving now, as soon as the pilot launches the engine of the airplane. Field workers saw the passengers of the plane wondering what was going on outside the window. A pilot is taking his hand out of the window and pointing out the field workers to leave. Then he went on a calendar ground in his hand, which was a pocket calendar in 1955. After a while the plane flew over the clouds and we could not see any position before it in the radar. After that, our air force's three jets, many attempts to find the plane, but found no traces of it. This was our arrangement of today. After that, our air force's three jets, many attempts to find the plane, but found no traces of it.

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