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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Bermuda Triangle Real Story

Bermuda Triangle Real Story

Bermuda Triangle Real Story
Bermuda Triangle Real Story
Bermuda Triangle is a legendary section of the Atlantic Ocean which is almost surrounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, where dozens of ships and airplanes have disappeared. One of the unidentified circumstances is one of the accidents in which the pilots of the squadron of US Navy attackers were distracted while flying in one area; the planes never met. Other boats and planes have also been disappeared from the area of ​​good weather without having to hassle the messages. However, although numerous priceless theories have been proposed in relation to the Bermuda Triangle, none of them prove that mysterious disappearances compared to other well-traveled sections of the ocean. However, people navigate the area every day without incident.

Legend of Bermuda Triangle

The area is known as the Bermuda Triangle, or the Triangle of Satan, is approximately 500,000 square miles of sea from the south-eastern tip of Florida. When Christopher Columbus traveled through the field on his first visit to the new world, he told that a large flame (probably a meteor) of the fire had crashed into the sea at night and after a few weeks; a strange light appeared in the distance. He also wrote about irregular compass reading, perhaps at that time a sleeve of the Bermuda Triangle was one of the few places on earth where the north and magnetic answer was correct.
Did you know After receiving widespread prominence as the first person to go alone all over the world, Joshua Slocum disappeared from Martha's Vineyard to South America on the 1909 tour. Although it is not clear what actually happened, many sources later attributed their death to Bermuda Triangle.
William Shakespeare's game "The Tempest", which some scholars claim was based on the real life Bermuda Shipwreck, could have expanded the area of ​​mystery to the area. Even so, the report of unknown disappearance did not really attract the public's attention till the 20th century. A particularly notorious tragedy occurred in March 1918, when the USS Cyclops, with more than 300 men and 10,000 tons of manganese ore ship, sank between 542 ft long naval cargo ship, Barbados and Chesapeake Bay. Despite being equipped to do this, Cyclops did not send SOS crisis calls, and no wreck was found in a comprehensive search. American President Woodrow Wilson later said, "Only God and the sea know what happened to the Great Ship." In 1941, two of Cyclops' sister vessels disappeared without a trace along the same route.
A pattern began to be reported, which left the ships passing the Bermuda Triangle or were abandoned. Then, in December 1945, 14 naval offenders stopped to operate a bombing on some nearby shawls from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Airfield. But with a clear loss of his compass, the leader of the mission, known as Mission 19, was seriously lost. As long as they were not reduced on fuel and were forced to crush into the sea, all the five planes flew without purpose. On the same day, a rescue aircraft and its 13-person squad also disappeared. Failed to replace any evidence after a long search of weeks, the official naval report declared that it was "as if they had been flying on Mars."

Bermuda Triangle Real Theory

Bermuda Triangle The author of the real theory time, Vincent Gaddis, produced the phrase "Bermuda Triangle" in the 1964 journal article; there were additional mysterious accidents in this area, which consisted of three passenger aircraft which sent "good news of all" Despite it went down. Charles Berlitz, whose grandfather founded the Berlitz language schools, carried forward mythology with a sensational bestseller about the legend in 1974. Since then, scores of fellow exceptional writers have blamed the trilogy's predisposition to aliens, Atlantis, and sea monsters to reverse the timing of war and gravitational fields, whereas more scientifically, brain theorists have used magnetic anomalies, ships or methane The bigger blasts of gas have been pointing to the ocean floor.
However, in all possibilities, there is no theory which resolves the mystery. As a matter of fact, trying to find a common cause for every Bermuda Triangle to disappear is not much logical in trying to find a common cause for every automobile accident in Arizona. Apart from this, although storms, rocks and navigation streams may cause navigation challenges, Marine Insurance leader Lloyd does not recognize Bermuda Triangle as a particularly dangerous place for London. Neither the US Coast Guard, who says: "In the last few years, there is nothing found in the review of the loss of many planes and ships in this area, which would indicate that there were results other than the deadly physical causes has not been identified. "

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