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Some Amazing Things Used As Coins   Some Amazing Things Used As Coins Now we see the money or the coin in the old days but i...

Some Amazing Things Used As Coins

Some Amazing Things Used As Coins

Some Amazing Things Used As Coins
Some Amazing Things Used As Coins
Now we see the money or the coin in the old days but it was not the same. Even in the future that will not change, who can tell! It may be that the use of paper money will be stopped once and instead of anything else it will occupy its place. Here are some amazing things that were once used as money or coins.

1. Rye stone: - These large stones were used as coins in the Palau and Yap Islands. The most amazing thing is that it was determined to depend on how many people died in carrying it.
2. Salt: - In the Roman Empire, salt was regarded as a very valuable essential item. The 'salary' we now use is from the Latin name 'solarium' of salt.
3. Lodging: - In 2008, the coins were not available at all in Argentina, so residents started using Los Angeles as money.
4. Receipt: - Chinese businessmen began to use paper receipts instead of copper coins for business purposes. This receipt is considered as the first paper currency or money.
5. Black pepper: As residents of the Roman Empire used salt as such a coin, the inhabitants of some other empires used pepper as a currency. Pepper was rich enough to be worth the currency.
6. Beaver skin: - There are very few things that are considered valuable in both Europe and America. Of these, beaver skin is one of the main. So using these as currency, trade was developed between these two countries.
7. Phone Credits: - Paper money has become worthless in many parts of Africa. Instead, ordinary people have decided to trade and trade through phone credits instead of this money.
8. Shawn: - One of the most precious trees in America is Shawn. Even their constitution is said to have been written on paper made from this tree. So there is no wonder that instead of the currency they will use it.
9. Cocaine: - Colombian residents believe it is safer to move cocaine from the streets to cash-flow with cash.
10. Bottle Lid: - In Africa, why people used the phone instead of the currency, they started using the bottle lid instead of the currency.
11. Fake currency: - Canada Tires is a company that makes fake Canadian coins to reward their valuable customers. Even in the e-business, the companies are also doing trade through currency to see this kind of fake.
12. McCarl: - Actually, such a wonderful fish is also used as a currency. Especially in fisheries it is used more. But no one knows why it's circulation.
13. Quid: - Quid means KUSSI Universal Intergalactic Denomination. This type of currency has been used for space use.
14. Deer skin: - Deer skin is considered as very expensive skin whereas the word 'Buck' was used instead of money or money at that time.
15. Potato chipping machine: - Perhaps the most amazing coin in the list, the potato peeling machine was used by residents of a section of Cameroon.
16. Snake: - Ghanaian made fake snakes with iron, which was called 'lobby snack' although they were later used as coins.
17. Kisi Pennies: - This is a very interesting subject. These bars of iron were used as coins in Africa, but if they broke down, its value would have been reduced. But one could perform a ceremony and restore its value.
18. Whale Dental: - Before the circulation of currency notes a few years ago, residents of the Fiji Islands used a whale's tooth as a currency.
19. Knife: - Once during the currency problems in China or the ruler, the prince ordered his soldiers to buy valuable things in return for their knives. This custom lasted for a few days.
20. Tide: Yes, for many reasons, this detergent was used as a coin in the dark world. It is called as liquid gold in the underworld.
21. Small coins: - Only 4 millimeters of small coins were used as coins in the Vijayanagara Empire. These were called 'stars'. It is the smallest coin in all the currency.

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