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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Some Foods That Enhance Your Immune System

Some Foods That Enhance Your Immune System

Some Foods That Enhance Your Immune System
Some Foods That Enhance Your Immune System
Winter has arrived, and winter means fever, flux-cough time. It is more important to prevent disease than treating disease. So, after getting the disease, know what food should be taken to get rid of the drug. Here are some food items that help you to increase your immunity.

1. Chicken Soup: - 

Chicken soup is very healthy and it is considered as a balanced diet for many decades. It's easy to cook, eat as well, and delicious too. But this food is not for those who eat healthy people.

2. Ginger Tea: - 

Ginger Tea is a very ideal and healthy drink for winter. Ginger Anti-Inflatable Gun can protect the body from any virus infection. Helps increase immunity to the body.

3. Yellow: - 

There is anti-inflammatory material called yellow Cur cumin, which helps in the formation of body T-cells. This cell or cell helps keep our health better.

4. Orange: -

This lemon contains Vitamin-C, which is very essential for human body. Orange helps protect against virus infections that are responsible for the spread of orange.

5. Water: - 

Not only winter, water is an important component for the body year round. There are many benefits to drinking plenty of water and keeping your body hydrated And Combination of beneficial ingredients such as water to keep the body out of the body and to keep the skin healthy.

6. Tomato: - 

Tomato is a source of Vitamin-C. This vitamin helps to increase the immunity of the body. As a result, eating tomato means getting rid of various diseases.

7. Salmon: - 

Salmon has a lot of zinc, which is released from the common cold - cough. Not only this, Salmon can also get rid of the common cold symptoms.

8. Dark chocolate: - 

Dark chocolate has a lot of anti-oxidant called Theo bromine, which is very beneficial for the body and will keep you away from cold or bronchitis problems. Further research is underway.

9. Broccoli: - 

Many of us have disliked this vegetable since childhood, but we know it is one of the best nutritious foods in the market that we usually get. If you eat it regularly you will be protected from many diseases.

10. Green Tea: - 

A beverage with plenty of health care. Green is not only protected from cold, but also for those who want to reduce excess weight of the body, Green Tea is also the essential drink.

11. Egg: - 

Protein and beneficial fat is one of the sources of dip. Vitamin-D in the egg protects from being cold. Demo is a very useful element to prevent any type of flu or any respiratory infection.

12. Ginger: - 

When it is cold, it is always said to eat ginger. If you take a little ginger in hot tea while eating tea, it is transformed into a potent, effective drink.

13. Apple: 

Eating an apple every day means staying away from the doctor, this protest is only applicable to apples. To increase the immunity power in the body, this fruit pair fair. Apple also helps a lot to cure chronic diseases.

14. Honey: - 

Honey is the most effective ingredient in winter to treat throat problems or any such infection. But keep in mind that the honey you eat is natural and there is no harmful mixture inside it.

15. Mushrooms: - 

Studies have shown that at least four days a week, Mushroom Khan is unlikely to have any of their diseases. There are also mushroom anti-inflammatory dogs.

16. Rosemary: - 

It is very good to eat this herbal ingredient with tea or any food. It contains beneficial anti-oxidants, which are very useful for the body and it helps in the process of digestion.

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