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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Some of the Domestic Items to Get Rid of Cough

Some of the Domestic Items to Get Rid of Cough

Some of the Domestic Items to Get Rid of Cough
Some of the Domestic Items to Get Rid of Cough
Changing the weather means increasing the incidence of infection and disease in the human body. Especially in the case of the increase, this fear is increased a bit more. This time cold and cold cough is a very common problem, spreading almost every home like a congested razor. Only one person in the house has the potential to be infected. So, some tips for you to get rid of this problem at the beginning of the winter.

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1. Hot Asana Tea: -

If the temperament is cold or hot due to cold or cold, then squeeze hot hot currants. Ada tea is not just delicious; a cup of tea can provide plenty of energy at any time. Regular Ada Tea will protect you from winter diseases and infections.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar:-

Mixing this vinegar in warm hot water will give you lots of benefits. You can mix a little pure honey with a little more to increase taste and health. Apple cider vinegar controls the body of the pH of our body and in this climate keeps any virus from walking.

3. Saundub Salt: -

In bucket warm water add a few teaspoons of Saffron salt and keep the leaves in the towel. Leave aside one day for one day, until it is released from the cold cough. Not only is the cold released from the problem of coughing or cold, it keeps the muscles good and helps the body free from toxin.

4. Honey and Onion Syrup: -

There is no substitute for honey to relieve throat pain or throat problems. The onion work is to destroy harmful bacteria in the body. This syrup helps to keep the body healthy by taking out the cuffs that are in the chest.

5. Garlic: -

Mix the juice with honey and mix honey with it. Several studies have shown that the mixture of garlic and honey is released from the cold. Among them, there are antimicrobial and anti-viral components which can destroy the virus and free them from the cold.

6. Green - Tea: -

Any hot water is also very beneficial to get relief in sinuses. Green T is the most useful in this list. Because of the presence of an antioxidant heals very soon. You can eat 2/3 cups of green tea every day.

7. Drink More Water: -

If there is sufficient water in the body, if there is hydroxide in the body, it keeps the nose in the nose. As a result, no bacteria can bind a home. And there is no possibility of cold.

8. Gargle Salt Water: -

If you can gargle in the water during the winter or during the winter season, then the throat is good, it does not sneer and does not cuddle. Gargle 2-3 times a day with half a teaspoon of salt in hot water.

9. Adequate Sleep: -

Enough sleep helps to increase the immunity of your body. So during the change of the weather, adequate sleep is necessary to keep the body from attacking the organism.

10. Kadha-Tea: -

Kabada is a useful type of herbal tea, which is quite useful in dealing with various problems like cold, coughing etc. It also helps in sine nutrition.

11. Vitamin: -

Vitamin C and D play a special role in preventing diseases in the body. If these two vitamins contain the right amount of body mass, the immune system increases.

12. Take the Hot Steam: -

Heat the tea in the kettle or any container and reduce the pain in it by mixing any left or yellow. When the water starts to boil, then cover the hot water covered with a towel over your head. It helps reduce sinusitis. This steam also helps to cure your throat and reduce cough.

13. Yogurt: -

Yogurt is very useful in every season of the year. Yogurt helps to reduce the chances of getting cold; it also helps in keeping various parabolic substances present, digestive system better.

14. Yellow and Milk: -

Yellow carcinoma contains lots of antibiotic and antioxidant components. So you can mix turmeric with warm milk in the face of various cold-related problems.

15. Black Pepper: -

Chilies help to cure cough and mumps problems and to stop sneezing. Nor is it particularly useful to reduce your throat pain.

16. Cinnamon: -

Anti inflammatory elements, which have cinnamon, have special properties that help you to cope with colds and various other infections.

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