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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Story behind Muharram

Story Behind Muharram

Muharram 2018
Muharram 2018
Most people know very little about Muharram, what they see on the streets - a Tazia is kissing his chest with those mourning in black color. Some people have seen men; even the little boys beat themselves with a chain, a blade, a sword. Some people get the chance to experience the story of the story located in the heart of mourning.

The story is told annually after 680 AD. This is a story which was mainly told by those women who escaped the massacre of a branch of the Prophet Muhammad's family.
During his lifetime, Muhammad succeeded in uniting many warring clans and tribes in Arabia. It was clear that the new faith was getting the land, but soon after the death of Muhammad, there were disagreements on the succession - which would lead these newly formed people? Already there were struggles about that Caliphs could be buried because it could be an argument for the rebels, which is a type of rally point.
The third Caliph, Uthman, was killed. Fifth, Hassan, who was the grandson of Muhammad, gave up, gave Mawayah to charge for the period of later life. But later Hassan was poisoned. Muawiyah nominated his son Yajid as the successor. It was not acceptable to some leaders, certainly not for Hasan, who was Hasan's younger brother.
They refused to acknowledge and support Yazid as Caliph, and decided to leave Medina with his family and supporters. They were heading towards Karbala (now in Iraq) but they did not get any safe shelter. The army of Yazid did not surround them, nor did they allow them to neither move towards Damascus nor return them to Medina. The soldiers also cut off the river. Finally, there was a fight. Hussein had only 72 men and everyone died.
We do not know how many women and children actually survived. He was imprisoned, and the story goes on, his cover was thrown to him for public humiliation. How did they live afterwards, we do not know. That was not the story that they said.
The story he told was about Karbala. Do not forget that they were stubborn and neither did they forget. The century has passed and the story has yet been told. The fun dose, the Elephants (called "Nauha" and "Soz"), add different layers of tragedy by adding layer on the layer of grief.
What is the meaning of a tragedy, after all, if we give it a word - genocide? How do we respect those who have died even though they do not want to commit bloodshed? Those who die should not be reduced to a figure. They should not be remembered as the only claimant for power. Therefore, the poem is in the voice of a beloved who should see a tragedy.

Muharram 2018
Muharram 2018
Zainab set fire to the camp through Nauha, we see that it happens as if it had his eyes. We hear the voice of a little girl, Sakina, because she waits for her father to return. Kasim is spread on the horizon of his dream, newly married and throughout his life. His aunt thinks that yesterday she was yesterday that she was turning her into her lap. Hussein, a child is dying of thirst; hopefully the enemy will have mercy on the child at least. Abbas is trying to fill the skin of water, though he has already been injured, but still trying to return to the tents where women and children are waiting.
If the story is called well (with passion, but without the unnecessary theatrics, the professional tailors who are not employed), the audience weeps comfortably. They cried not only because of what happened in a remote land centuries ago. They cry because they find the story and the loss in their heart and the scary bones described by the storyteller.

Muharram 2018
Muharram 2018
Did Yazid want to thwart dissent, get rid of the opposition? The only way to thwart him was to keep the memory of dissatisfaction alive. We would love to remember this. Muharram is about to remember. This is a salute to those who stopped for the fight, even if death was certain. But this is not about just feeling their pain. It should not be reduced in ritual acts of bloodshed. It certainly should not be about taking a favor or name to hate. There is a time to remember that at any cost, there is a big tragedy of a person who has a desire for power and dominance. It is a time to remember the full cost of every human life. Many times, we forget.        

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