Malcolm Jenkins NFL

Malcolm Jenkins NFL

Malcolm Jenkins, the famous nfl player
Malcolm Jenkins NFL
As a true student of the game, a dynamic play maker from the security situation and a tireless philanthropist in the community, Malcolm Jenkins is a pillar in the Philadelphia Eagles Locker Room and in those communities where they live, worked and played New Jersey, His home state of Louisiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
In 2016, after his first tour of the Pro Bowl, in 2016, Malcolm Jenkins tied for Team Lead in INT (3), ranked 2nd in total tackles (108) and secured third position (12). Malcolm Jenkins influence on this field won his fourth NFC Defensive Player of the Week award; And at the beginning of his 100th career, Eagles became the only player in history to register three consecutive sessions with Eagle-TD.
In an effort to increase the lives of youth in underworld communities, Malcolm Jenkins launched the Malcolm Jenkins Foundation in 2010, 501 (c) (3) non-profit public donation, in which resource to promote positive change in the lives of youth, innovative Opportunities, and experiences that will help them succeed in life and become members of their communities.
In 2016, Jenkins continued his strong commitment to the positive and lasting impact of the lives of young people and communities through the launch of a new academic program in Philadelphia, through the work of Malcolm Jenkins Foundation; Celebrating Malcolm Jenkins scholars' first college group in Louisiana; Helping 1,200 families with food and essential resources in Ohio; and 425 young people through the 6th annual next level youth football camp in New Jersey between other events and programs throughout the year.

Malcolm Jenkins,the famous NFL player
Malcolm Jenkins NFL
In addition, this year, in light of the great tragedies, Jenkins demanded a change with local police and government officials. Leading a group of NFL players, Malcolm Jenkins set up a meeting with Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross, along with the Philadelphia Police to ride with the community and join the Philly Police Department in its annual leave access. In addition, he and four other NFL tourists also visited the White House to talk to the members of the race about Race Relationship and Criminal Justice Reform. During the Super Bowl week, the group organized a Town Hall with R.I.S.E. to discuss the effect of their work for improving race relationships.

For his efforts, he was awarded the 2017 NFLPA "Byron Whizzer White Award ", for his supreme dedication to affect the NFL players in the spirit of justice, in order to positively affect their team, community and country has been given for the name of the award is.

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