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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Health is Wealth

Health Is Wealth

Health is Wealth
Health is Wealth
We are listening to the statement "Health is Wealth" from our childhood. However, we are not all familiar with our literal meaning. This means that it does not matter how rich you are, if we are not Healthy then there is nothing in life that we can do.
People suffer from overweight, obesity, diabetes; high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney problems and many other unknown problems, and many of these problems are due to our lifestyle. What's the matter is that if you can go to a luxurious 5-star hotel for lunch but you cannot eat because of your Health. Or cannot you enjoy a drink with your friends in a while because you used to drink during your short days? Money does not mean anything when it does not give you time and resources to spend on yourself and your loved ones. Therefore being Healthy becomes a necessity. Even a little money is enough, if your Health support is good at the time of your Health!

Health Tips for Women

1. Exercise:

Exercise is a must, exercise, aerobics, walking or jogging controls the heart rate, which gives you more energy to work hard during the day. Exercise in the morning you will not feel lazy during the day. It improves blood circulation and releases muscle tension, which gives you a strong body and mind. Exercise is an effective way to boost your Health and flush your energy at the optimum level. Most people prefer lame excuses to regular exercise. Do not wait until you have the necessary equipment or until you are in the gym. Exercise routine is as simple as push-up or crunch (which can be done at home), can be a great way to build Health. One study has shown that the people who have never exercised have lost their life of seven years. Now, this is not a wise deal, is not it?

2. Avoid pessimistic thinking:

This is, till now, the most poisonous drug to go for mankind. The irony is that it is self-inspired. And unfortunately, the person who is thinking negative is not aware that they are doing this. We are so used to destructive thinking patterns that rarely do we feel what we are doing for ourselves. Developing an optimistic approach can change your life in amazing ways. Most of the things around are not as bad as they seem. It's just going to mess up your mind.

3. Avoid Mindless Eating:

You're hungry, you eat you are bored, you eat you’re angry, you eat. And you are lazy to do your job, you eat again. Unless you have a plan to move permanently to the hospital, do not do this. Eat when you are hungry as simple as that. Your belly is not a dump-yard in which you can allow your emotional hunger to settle your junk cravings. Eat only when hungry and make sure that this is the only Healthy food you are taking. Due to eating only food inside the refrigerator and that too can be dangerous by being totally unaware of what you are eating.

4. Take Care Of Food:

Avoid high unhealthy foods in calories. They gradually take a toll on your Health, which leads to weight gain, heart disease and cholesterol. Eat seasonal fruits rich in fiber, vitamins and proteins. Nobody tells you to bake all those delicious desserts together at the beginning. But little control at the beginning can ensure that you never reach that stage where you cannot get it any more. Make it a point to stay Healthy.

5. Washing your hands:

Hand sanitizers were invented for one reason. If your hands are dirty, you clean them. But after that you stop. You have to do. If you continue to feed your hands with sanitizers, then as soon as a beloved mother feeds her baby with plain curd............... Now, the punch line is not found. But still, this is not a Healthy practice. Research says that limited germ exposure is really good because it creates immunity and highly sterile environment is not good at all.

6. Check Nutrition Label:

Even I know what nutritious labels are. No big deal. But whenever we buy anything food, most of us do not know that they have to read. Whatever we do is fill the trolley which comes in our hands. As we have the ever-habit of avoiding them, in nutrition labels, we have a habit of telling what food is included in it. And you remember. They are merciless honest.

7. Balanced Diet:

It is very important to include proteins, minerals, iron, vitamins, calcium, crabs and fats (good fats) in your daily diet. Fruits, vegetables, lean meat, chicken, milk, whole grain food make a balanced diet.

8. Breakfast Is A Must:

Never leave breakfast, our metabolic rate decreases, which lead to weight gain and digestive problems. Breakfast enhances concentration, helps us to focus better and control weight.

9. Proper Sleep:

Sleep at least 8 hours as it relaxes your mind and keeps you Healthy. The human body is a machine. And like any machine requires comfort and recharging, our body also needs adequate sleep. Most of us burden the unity of work, sleepless and focus more on our work. But the thing is that if you do not take good night's sleep then you really cannot concentrate. Enough sleep increases the level of our productivity and helps us to do our tasks faster. So the next time you plan to leave your sleep or to do an important job to fulfill that important work, and then think twice. You are giving too much for very little.

10. Avoid Smoking and Drinking:

Smoking ruins your Health sooner or later. Cancer, lung diseases, and heart problems give all the results due to smoking. Alcohol can rest after hard work, but it also reduces the number of white blood cells (WBC battles bacteria) and thus indirectly weakens the immune system.

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