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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance
Accident Insurance

What is Accident Insurance?

Accidental insurance, also known as supplemental Accident Insurance or personal Accident Insurance provides benefits for accidental injuries.
Consider the effect of a common accident on your financial picture. Because you never know that you or anyone in your family can get hurt, in an accident, an Accident Insurance policy like people written by the Golden Rule Insurance Company is unpredictable when it can be helpful.

Why Accident Insurance?

Because when you least expect, accidents happen. Along with health insurance, additional expenses can actually be added by casual injury. Lost wages, high health insurance deductions and unpaid bills affect all your lifestyle, home and family by missing work. And because 57% of Americans have less than $ 1,000, in their savings accounts, 1 does not have financial assistance during such times.

What are my Accident Insurance options?

You have different options for Accident Insurance by state, but there are several plan options available to meet many needs and budgets.
1.     Benefits paid directly to you
2.     Cash medical costs for casual injuries which can help pay health insurance intervals, such as high deductible
3.     No Network - Choose where you want to take care of
4.     Cash to help in unexpected medical costs due to accidental injury
5.     Multiple profit level so that you can choose the monthly cost that works for you

Some plans are available with designs:

1.     Guaranteed Issue Option - No Medical Questions to Answer
2.     Non injury hospital admission benefit
3.     serious illness
4.     Crashed injuries
5.     Accidental death and dismissal

What does Accident Insurance cover?


1.     Lacerations
2.     Dislocations
3.     Burns
4.     Fractures
5.     Concussions


1.     Urgent Care Center
2.     Ambulance
3.     Hospital Emergency Room
4.     Physical Therapy

Who can need an Accident Insurance?

1.     Anyone with a limited budget for unexpected medical expenses
2.     Individuals and families with small children
3.     Individuals and families with an activate lifestyle
4.     Anyone with current health Insurance

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