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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Where the Earth's Gravity is Weak

Where the Earth's Gravity is Weak
In our vast solar system, gravity is the only power that moves the sun and the planets into orbit. For the gravitational force we live on the earth, that is, the Earth attracts all objects to its center. But there are so many places in the world that the attraction force can work less. Even if you are surprised to hear it, today you will say a few places where you have the attraction force of the world, much less than the other place.

Mystery spot in Santa Maria Santa Claus

George Perth discovered this strange place in 1940. According to him, when he found this city, he felt that there was some strange energy in this place. He also claimed that the magnetic field in this region is much different than the other regions and this change in magnetism works within 150 square feet of circular field. For this reason, this region is called the Mystery spot. After seeing some strange facts in this region; like the flow from the bottom of the water, the compass in this region does not do well. This is a place where you can stand on a certain ground without falling. Which you can not normally do

Cosmos Mystery Area; Rapid City

When you enter this area, you will see some trees; which is strange to the mysterious place. Here you can stand in an angle and not stand still. Also, if any ball is left, then it starts to rise upwards from the bottom. Not only this, if you measure the height at different places in this region, then your height is different.

Athens Mystery Spot, Michigan

It is known that in 1950 when some people had conducted a survey here, their machinery used to stop them suddenly. They see through a test that such incidents occur only in the 300 sq.ft area. Not only this, it has been found that there is almost no number of animals in these regions. Here too you may encounter some strange events; You cannot read even if you stand on a high surface, or if you keep the rest of the two legs hanging on the two feet of the chair, you will not fall down, and many people say that if you have more time here, it seems that the head is becoming soft.

Magnetic Hill

It is heard that if you keep your car parked neutral by the side of this mountain in Le, then the car itself starts moving upward. Do not you feel surprised?

Inverted waterfall

It is located in Chile, which can be noticed by observing this waterfall, that the rules of gravity are not functional. Water contrasts are seen here. The winds flutter here so loud that it seems to him.

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