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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Unbelievable trafic rules

Funny Traffic Rules

There are some strange traffic laws in different countries of the world. Car drivers have to adhere to some strange traffic laws that you might think would be incredible. If you listen to some traffic laws, you may be laughing, but these laws must be obeyed by them. We will discuss this strange traffic law of different countries today.

dirty car
dirty car
You're lazy; you do not clean the car properly. But due to this you may be fined. There is such a traffic law in Russia. If you go out on the street with such a car, you may be fined up to 2,000 rubles.
United States, Maryland:

People have cursed someone in public and are in danger. This strange rule in Maryland in the United States If there is such a complaint of shouting, shouting while driving, can get 100 US dollars or 90-day prison sentence on your forehead.

headlight on
head light on
Whether it's day or night, you cannot stop the car's headlights in summer or winter. Strange, there are rules to keep the car headlight in 24 hours in Sweden. The rule of Teddy in Sweden may be true, but in the month of June, when the weather is good, they have to obey this rule. (This rule was introduced in India recently)
Costa Rica:  
drive drinking
drive drinking
Its okay to drink alcohol while driving, but do not be spellbound during driving. According to the traffic law of Costa Rica, alcohol is found to be 0.75% in the blood of the driver, but it is fine; however, the danger of the driver is more than the danger.
San Francisco:
Traffic law is broken if the vehicle was removed by washing the old underwear or underwear after washing the car in San Francisco. Incredible but true. But there is no problem if someone uses new underwire to remove the car.
Thinking that you are sitting in the car behind the car, it is all right. Do not let your driver drunk whether his responsibility is but your According to the traffic law of Japan, the driver is drunk, but the passenger will have to pay fine So before you get into the vehicle, check if the driver has drunk.
While driving in the car, according to the advice of the glasses the goggles are not there any crime? According to the laws of Spain, you will have to carry extra jumbo glasses with you. If you go to the car without two pair of glasses, then the fine will be counted.


I think I'll drive my car, as well as run it. If you are a resident of Thailand then there is no way. It is compulsory to wear clothes while driving in Thailand. If you drive on empty clothes, you must count the fine.
Drinking or eating something while driving in Cyprus is a big offense Traffic violation of food on the lap while driving is a guilty. You have to count the fine. To eat food, go straight to the jail.
There is no fuel in the car. Think of a pump in the morning and take the fuel in the morning. It is possible in Bangladesh but if you go to Germany then be careful about this. The end of the fuel is considered a violation of the traffic law while traveling on a distant runway in Germany.
US Alabama:
Suppose you are going somewhere. The place does not know well. So the vehicle stopped and traffic police asked for directions to the police. Think traffic police will help you? Not only that, instead of helping you, he will pay you in custody. Because of the crime without knowing the road is a serious crime. This strange rule is seen in the United States of America. If you go out of the street without knowing your destination or path, then you have to count your fine. So, people will be able to get out of the map by asking the road.

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