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Lighting and Thunder Lighting and Thunder -1 Lightning is one of the most dangerous natural phenomena beautiful scenes in nature ...

Lighting and Thunder

Lighting and Thunder
Lighting and Thunder
Lighting and Thunder -1
Lightning is one of the most dangerous natural phenomena beautiful scenes in nature known to humans. The sun's heat is almost equal to sparkling and horrible roar. For long time people have been performing the duty of shaking lightly. With this tremendous beauty of thunder, our mind gives birth to an eternal mystery.

 What is the reason for lightning? In the short term, we found answers to this question most of the time that the thunderstorm was the result of the cloud collision and the end of this misconception is the purpose of this article.

Lighting and Thunder
Lighting and Thunder-2

Causes of thunder:

By the water cycle, water evaporates into the sky as clouds. This cloud is the lightning battery. The cloud responsible for the thunderbolt behaves like a charge in charge of electric charge, on which the upper part is positive and the lower part is charged on negative charges. Although the scientists have disagreements about how the cloud is charged, the most reputable doctrine is that when the water cycle starts rising gradually, they face conflagration with the more dense rain or snowflakes below the clouds. In this way the steam and cloud clashes continue to move upward and downward, by adding positive and negative charges respectively, so that the electrons on the Earth's surface go deeper in the earth's surface due to its deterioration.

The results are very strong in the field of strong positive electricity in those areas. Now what is needed for lightning is just a conductive for electricity flow. But we know how the wind, electricity and conductive will be the thunderstorm, in this case it can be said that the vast power of the cloud destroys the immune system of wind around it. When the power field in the cloud is strong enough to be up to ten thousand volts in every inch, the surrounding air is divided into positive and negative charges. This irate air is also called the Plasma. These winds from the sorter circuits in the direction of lightning and lightning with the clouds and the ocean, and cause lightning.

Lighting and Thunder
Lighting and Thunder-3

Now this question can surely come to mind that the thunderbolt comes from the spelling words? The air acts like a lot of metal because it is an aerated airplane or plasma conductive. Therefore, lightning spills occur in the reaction of the plasma with oxygen in the air.

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