Imagine Earth without Water

Imagine Earth without Water

Water is a life-dependent substance. Without any water, there was no existence of any organism in the world. It is astonishing, 2 hydrogen atoms and easy oxygen atoms of water. Today in the middle of the world the amount of water on the entire body of a human being and on the entire surface of the earth is 70%. But the question is what happens if the water suddenly disappears from the earth.
If all the water in the world disappears suddenly, we will know some new information. Just how much life on earth is below? You will see some unknown animals in the sea, they can be huge. We can find the ruins of many ships and expensive rent. We will be able to know the true height of the Mount Everest on top of the Earth from the lowest land in the world. But what will harm us without water? Can animals or plants live on earth without water? Before knowing the answers to these questions, we need to know that without water, the world will be like the mangled orange with the right hand Because the Earth's appearance from the Earth is mostly seen in water and some of it are land and some are Iceland, because 29% of the Earth's land. But it is true; people are still unable to find everything in the depths of the sea. But the deepest depth of the sea, the depth of the Mariana area is 11 kilometers; the world is 13,000 kilometers wide. By comparing the two, it is possible to understand that the water is not deeper than the Earth, but it is spread out. Simply put, if the earth is stored in a whole orange, then the water is only the orange juice, that is, the water is like a thin shell on the earth. So, if there is no water in the world, the earth would look almost as spherical as it is today. But the main reason for talking so much about the shape of the earth without water was our nature and the nature of Mars. Do these two planets realize that the water can end at any time from the earth?

Venus and Mars were two planets round, but these two planets had water, but today are not there. But once there was life in the water, but how did all the water disappear? The main reason for this is the sun. Venus is about 1/3 of the Earth, closer to the sun, so solar radiation and Earth compared to Earth. As a result, the planet starts to be warmer to warmer. Ultra Violet Light breaks the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, and breaks the hydrogen into space and mixes oxygen carbon with Dent Automobile. These clouds cover the whole of Venus like a sheet. Which scientists call greenhouse effect? This effect is very sad to the world because the sun will grow in millions of years and its effects will also fall on Earth. With the extra temperature of the sun, the water of the world will end up like a spell. But yes it will take several hundred million years to happen. But do not be afraid. But the reason for the end of Mars's water is totally different. If the end of Mars was over, scientists believe that almost two thousand years ago, all civilizations of Mars were destroyed during the beginning of human civilization. The picture of Mars is understood to be, there is a large sea of ​​ocean, with a maximum depth of 21 kilometers, scientists estimate. Compared to the world, 7 of our water was once in Mars. But today there is only land. But the question is, where is the water of Mars? When the temperature of the sun continues to rise in Mars, the water starts flying in the same way and the atmosphere of Mars goes into the atmosphere. When the temperature decreases to 0 degrees, the cloud becomes ice. Maybe the water goes down the ground or the water atoms breaks. Since the gravity of Mars is less than the Earth, it may be uprooted. However, the discovery of all the scientists' disadvantage still remains to be realized due to the end of Mars. However, scientists have water today in almost sure Mars, but it is below the top of the planet Mars and above, where the temperature of the sun's rise or less does not have much effect and there is also ice. Scientists believe the water is below it and by assuming that the world's largest agency, NASA, Google has considered the planet Mars as the second world.

What will be the world without water? Everything will end; Such as in Venus and Mars. This was the reason for discussing these two planets Because Venus and Mars were once the same as in the world. That is, without any water, there will be no animals.

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