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Monday, August 20, 2018

Avoid Plastic

Avoid Plastic

Avoid Plastic
Avoid Plastic
 The reason for taking such an oath is because the plastic is slowly destroying our body from inside and outside. Multiple studies have shown that in the vast majority of plastic items used in daily life, such as brushes from food plates, there is so much harmful chemical in the cups from the water bottle that it gradually reduces our life expectancy.
It has been proved in the study that many chemicals present in the plastic enter the inside of our body and change the structure of the body that affects the progress of various diseases. As a result, life expectancy decreases naturally.
How does plastic have a bad effect on our body? In fact, almost all of the plastic materials we use have a poison, which is named Xenostragen. It only increases the level of estrogen hormone entering the body. As a result, there is serious harm to the body due to the presence of hormonal imbalance. In fact, it is not possible to deny the importance of hormones to keep the body active Because hormones play an important role in increasing the beauty of the skin, removing insomnia, keeping the mind healthy and keeping the body normal. Not only this, this important component of the body helps us in many ways to reduce stress levels and to protect against various diseases. Now, it is important to know how important it is to get rid of hormones just to survive.
How are Xenostragen more harming our body?

garbage of plastic
garbage of plastic
The chemical is present from the plastic bottle to the dish, bowl or spoon. So the use of such utensils or bottles starts to increase the amount of exonestracence on the food. As a result, the body started to degenerate when water, rice or other food was eaten for a long time. According to a recently published report, this material is available in almost all types of plastics products sold in the market. Even the plastic container paper "BPA" is written in the freeze also, the level of Xenostragen is above the danger range. As a result, the use of such plastic things can cause serious damage to the body, but it does not say anything else.

Plastic bottles and body:

It is clear that today's daylight has become very clear that drinking water from plastic bottles increases the number of bodily worms. In fact, in addition to exexostragenium present in plastic, some other harmful substances react with water to produce some compounds that gradually push the body into illness. But even after so much of the damage, the general people are reluctant to leave the use of plastic bottles. But no more! That must stop. If not, it would be necessary to say that it will increase the mortality rate in the world over the next 10 years. In fact, how many plastic components are used every year in our country? In 1996, where 61,000 tons of plastic was used throughout India, in 2007, this figure increased to 8,500,000 tones. Now understand how important it is to be careful. In fact, the physical problems that are commonly encountered in plastic bottles can be...

1. Disease prevention:

It is good to drink cold water in plastic bottles. But is there any idea about the water that reduces your life? Multiple studies have proven that after several chemicals in the plastic bottles are mixed in our blood, they begin to reduce the performance of multiple organs in one body. At the same time, the body's immune system reduces so much that the risk of multiple infections multiplied. So, stop drinking water from the plastic bottles to survive for a long time.

2. Biphenyl and Body:

If water is kept in plastic bottles, then mixed with a chemical water called " Biphenyl-A". The water enters the body, then, increasing the risk of diabetes, weight gain, and problems with having a baby, irritation of the mood, and periods of problems for girls.  So use the glass bottle as you did before leaving the plastic bottles. You will see the body healthy.

3. The amount of harmful chemicals in the body increases:

The plastic bottles present in the bottle react with the chemical reaction, producing more harmful chemicals, such as florid, arsenic and aluminum. All these components are not good for the body. Multiple case studies have shown that these chemicals increase the risk of becoming poisonous in the body regularly.

garbage of plastic
plastic in water

4. The risk of developing cancer prevalence is:

Combined with chemical water called "fethales" present in the plastic bottles, entering our body only begins to change in the cell division, from which it is susceptible to liver cancer.

5. Drinking water instead of poisoning:

Many of us leave the water in the plastic bottles. That should not be done at all. Why know? Because of the exposure to sunlight, plastic bottles, a type of poisonous substance called dioxin is born. When this element enters the body repeatedly with water, the risk of breast cancer may increase. In fact, according to a recent research paper, plastic bottles do not increase the production of diocese if it is kept only in the sun. The plastic bottles are kept in the heat, but the same happens.
In addition to the plastic, more than the exonestrazene, there are poisons:
Many people believe that this harmful element is only plastered. This pattern is not exactly right. Because the presence of this ingredient is also seen in the presence of canned foods, cans, pesticide, meat, preservatives used in beauty products, and even bath control. So be careful! Before buying things, do not have any exonestracenes!

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