Alert for Wild College Parties Wild College Parties Whether you are a new person about joining your first freight party, or a...

Know These First Aid Skills for Wild College Parties

Alert for Wild College Parties

Wild College Parties
Wild College Parties
Whether you are a new person about joining your first freight party, or an adult with friends, sometimes a little difficult to party, it is good to know what to do if things get out of hand. Here are some top tips and skills that can help others to help you:
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Plan ahead to get home and get help:

Wild College Parties
Wild College Parties
This is the original party security: know how you are getting a home, and who should be with you. Ideally you will come to the party with a friend, and are planning to go home together. This helps you find your way home, but you can check each other (or three or four) on each other and keep one another safe.
If you are in college, then many schools have a phone number to call if you are stranded in or near the campus, or there is a "drunken bus" that can take you back home. Find out your options ahead of time, and make sure you have a safe way to get yourself and your potential beds back to your respective beds.
You may also have received some types of booklets about safety, security emergency numbers, resources and various types of tips from the school. Take a picture of that book, and program the numbers in your phone, so when you need it you will have that information. If you are finished in the hospital, take a picture of your health insurance card, and ask your friends to do this.

Find out the difference between ‘sleep it off’ drunk and ‘call 911' drunk:

Wild College Parties
Wild College Parties

Drinking a lot for someone is not normal and then it is not normal to get out completely. Now, this can happen often, especially at the beginning of the semester in college campuses, but that does not mean that this is the only thing. If you do not know if your friend is okay, call for help. In the premises, there may be a rescue team or campus security number to call; otherwise, you know about dialing 911.

If your friend then gets help:

·        Sleeping, but you cannot wake them up

·        May be surprised at your own vomit

·        Is breathing very slowly

Wild College Parties
Wild College Parties
If you ask for help, stay with them till you get help, and tell the emergency responders who you know - for example, how many drinks they had. You will not usually have problems, especially if you have an apology policy for good Samaritans in your state or school.

If your friend is awake and breathing, then just help they get home safely. If you are also intoxicated, then find a quiet person who can help. Keep your friend in a recovery position on the floor or on the bed, and someone else will stay with them.

Look for injuries, and know first aid:

Wild College Parties
Wild College Parties

Even if someone has only a small quantity of alcohol or drugs in their system, they can still put their life or health at risk because they do so when they are bad. Do your best to keep your intoxicants away from cars, water (alcohol is a major risk factor for drowning) and other dangerous situations.

And keep an eye for injuries. If someone is bleeding or badly hurt, or it seems that they may have their head hit, then it is possible that they become more injured than proceeding. Again, if you are not sure how badly someone has hurt, call for help anyway.

If you can, take first aid course. There are some important life-saving skills to know:

·        CPR, when it is not killing anyone's heart or they are not breathing (you do CPR while someone says 911, and keep it till you reach emergency respondents)

·        How to prevent bleeding in emergency- Tourniquets

·        What to do if you are amazed (Heimlich works, but you should know more)

How to use naloxone:

Wild College Parties
Wild College Parties

Opioid is more often than overdose, it is important to know that a dead person can only end up in a place of addiction. Once again, if you do not know, call 911.

A person who has an excessive amount of opioids (whether heroin or any of the remaining pain pills), will not be fully liable, breathes very slowly (less than 12 breaths per minute) and often blue hands and lips Are there. If you have them easy then using Narcan or Generic Naloxone is easy.

If this is a situation that you feel you may have to face, then it can be a good idea to have Naloxone on hand or to find out if a kit is available nearby. Jillian Bauer-Reese wrote in Slate that perhaps every student should go to school with Naloxone and Fontanel Test strips. It depends on you that you feel that you may need them, but by any means it is always good to know what to do in an emergency and as you can be ready.

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