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Friday, July 27, 2018

Tips For Good Health

Tips For Good Health
Where the need to be lean around the world, there is are thick tips? Are you really surprised? You will be surprised but not many. Rather, these weight-raising tips will give some relief for him.
How much fat can be made from physically weaker ones, how much fat can be eaten, but not fat? 9 ways to increase your weight: -
1.    Nuts and raisins rise in the morning:

There is no substitute for nuts and raisins for weight gain. During the night, soak the hard-linen almonds and raisin in small water. Eat if they swell in the morning.

2.    Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits:

they think they are eaten for weight loss, is not it? It will also help you increase the weight, but this fruit and vegetables will help you. There are many fruits and vegetables that are high in calories. Mango, jack fruit, litchi, banana, ripe papaya, sweet pumpkin, sweet potato, cage banana etc. Fruit and vegetables will increase weight gain. If your weight does not increase without these, then definitely contact a good doctor. Because there is a latent disease, it can lead to sick and broken health.
3.    Increase the amount of food:

Increasing the amount of food does not mean eating a lot. If you are suffering from low eating, then you have to increase the amount of food. Eat more than one-fourth of the food that is consumed normally by eating it every day.
4.    Regularly prohibit eating a little:
Many people think that due to repeated play, weight will increase. It's not right at all. Rather burn rules to abstain from stomach. Metabolism reduces when eating stomach burns, so that the calorie of the food is excessively weighted into the body. Eating a few times repeatedly increases metabolism, resulting in weight loss.
5.    Eat fried foods in the oil:

Frozen foods contain plenty of fat in submerged oil. As a result, it is helpful to increase weight. But keep up with lots of fresh spinach salads.
6.    Practice going to the gym:

Think people go to the gym to reduce weight, why go? But the real thing is, it will not be fat only. With a well-structured body, you will go to the gym to make muscle and if men want to increase the weight, then going to this gym is actually profitable. Muscle weight is much more than fat, and as a result of the Exercise it will get hungry and you can eat it. But of course, an experienced trainer will need to be alerted. If not, then the fear of reversal.
7.    Eat starch rice:

Most people throw rice starch. A lot of rice starch left the straw and went away with the starch. If you want to increase the weight, it is better to not let the rice starch. This will greatly benefit you to increase weight.
8.    Milk and honey just before sleeping:

This is an unwise strategy to increase weight. Eat some nutritious food before going to bed at night. Before sleeping, take a glass of milk and mix it with a lot of honey.
9.    Decrease metabolism rate:
Just like slow metabolism is responsible for being fat, so is the high metabolism rate responsible for the health of the health. So to be fat, this metabolism rate will be reduced in the first place. The food you eat in it will get the chance to get your body weight as an extra weight. Take a long time after eating refresh food to keep metabolism low. Do not work at least 1 hour after the meal.
10.                   Add some special food to your food list:

Along with your regular diet, you must also add some high calorie foods to the food list. Without high blood pressure problems, you can eat these foods effortlessly. Such as ghee, butter, eggs, meat, potato fried, sweet food, chocolate, etc.

Even if the weight does not increase, then if a physician checks the body with the help of a physician, then he has to be treated. If you have enough stomach ache, worms, dysentery or any infectious disease, you may lose weight. Despite being overly tired, the weight continues to decline. If that is to increase the rest and sleep, then the patient will be brought to normal condition.

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