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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Atlantis The Lost Town

Atlantis The Lost Town

There are still unknown mysteries in this world, which we cannot solve. The most wonderful of them is the zodiac of the animal world. There is no end to the unknown animals and mysteries hidden in this animal world. But the lost city of Atlantis is heard in the mouth of most people. Is there really a city that has fallen under the feet?

The Greek philosopher Plato said this city in such a way that he himself came to live in the city. It was such a perfect and strange story about him. According to Plato, Atlantis was an improvised modern and sophisticated island near the current Gibraltar system. All the strange discoveries, beautiful social conditions and modern living were all in the Atlantis. Plato has described, Atlantis lost a terrible natural calamity in the last ice age about 12 thousand years ago. Scientists have said a few things about this missing city Atlantis. Some of his descriptions will be presented to you today.

Scientists say that if there is a city named Atlantis, it will be today's equivalent of the whole of Asia's continent. It is believed that the city of Atlantis is situated on the top of a large rocky hill beneath the feet and surrounded by water and land masses. One of these hills is named Plato Hill. It is heard that Oseedon, the god of the ocean, kept his wife captive in a palace in this mountain. It is a famous city among all the cities lost in the world. It was a prosperous and developed city. In addition to knowledge, science, industry and trade, the miners of this city were gold silver and copper fillers. The main attraction of this city was the palace complex in its center. This royal palace was located on a hilltop. The city was surrounded by decorated terrain and waterways. As a result of good governance of the city, the residents of the city lived happily in peace. But their happiness did not bear the nature. Volcanic eruption began to explode with a devastating earthquake The epicenter is the ocean crest. 

The deserted city was destroyed by the sea monster Thabo. But there is a difference of opinion about how true it is. The Atlantis had a tremendous power at the bottom of the water. They had the ability to control the weather. To fulfill the Greek, they are angry, or if they are angry at someone, then under the sea there are many storms and calamities. But scientists say other things. According to them, if Atlantis is indeed a city, then the people of that city were barbaric species. There is still a debate over whether Atlantis's statement is true or false. But once thought, if a city really is found in the water then what a wonderful thing it will be. You write your personal opinion comments.

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